Firstly I have to say thanks for taking the time to read my article James, I appreciate it and I’m glad to hear it was of some interest to you.

I feel that you and I share many view points, and it’s encouraging to see like minded individuals. I also think you raise some really insightful and good points here too.

There are certainly weaknesses and uncertainties in Australia’s future, with services being difficult quantify they deserve questioning and exploring in more detail. On the other hand renewables and premium agriculture have the potential to become truly significant in the economy. Those two industries have the propensity to create huge numbers of jobs and provide skills, knowledge and goods exportable to the rest of the world. We need a balanced economy and Australia needs to begin to market its uncontaminated soils and it’s abundance of renewable energy sources but sadly we are held back by lack lustre politicians.

I didn’t know that Singapore operated with that level of training for public servants. I think that’s a fantastic example and we should definitely take a leaf out of their book. With good leadership we could navigate the impending economic calamities (housing bubble, national debt, lack of business investment, etc.) to great success but unfortunately I am somewhat pessimistic at the moment — as you can probably understand. That being said, there is always hope when people voice their thoughts and experiences, so once again thanks for adding some great insights.

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