The call for sustainable organisations

An academic journey into the nature of leadership and sustainable businesses

Sustainability is a modern ‘catch-phrase’ with great variability in meaning. This is evidenced through the diversity of organizational values and practices. For the purpose of analysis Dyllick and Hockert’s (2002)description of corporate sustainability will be used as the ‘‘meeting the needs of the firm’s direct and indirect stakeholders (such as shareholders, employees, clients, pressure groups, communities, etc.), without compromising its ability to meet future stakeholder needs as well.’’ This paper will discuss and design a sustainable organization through the use of analogy and metaphor supported by corresponding research, journal articles, data and news articles. The organizational theories of Modernism and Symbolic Interpretivism will facilitate the examination and design of a sustainable organization. Such organisations maintain long-term profitability through the implementation of sustainable culture and work practices to produce products with minimal impact to externalities.

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