Modern political ideology

Politicians, pundits, and polls have no idea what’s happening.

The growing number of working poor seem to be turning their backs on the parties they traditionally support. The working class and the middle class have traditionally been supporters of the left. Fighting for equality, healthcare, education and government support in a society that praises capitalism and the exploitation of one another. Many political thinkers put the GFC as the cause of the current political scramble, others say 9/11 and some have no clue what is happening. Needless to say a lot has changed over the years and there is a lot of uncertainty ahead. The political philosophies of the 20th century created much needed debate about wealth distribution, economic growth and social issues. The departure from traditional ideologies is most certainly a consequence of prolonged prosperity, political ineptitude, uncertainty about the future and a whole range of events and issues. There isn’t a silver bullet and there is no single cause. It is the great big melting pot of variables that has led us to the current situation where the downtrodden vote for the party that is most likely to exploit them. The far right, the populist, the protectionist, the nationalist has become the haven for the people doing it tough — why??

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This front page highlights the nature of the budget. A backflip on beliefs.

That, wherever possible, government should not compete with an efficient private sector; and that businesses and individuals — not government — are the true creators of wealth and employment.

If you were to vote for the Liberal party based on their party platform and there constitution you would feel severely misled. The budget released taxes the private sector and increases government spending to create wealth and employment.

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